Custom Homebuilding Radio Show

We’ll Help You With Everything You Need to Build Your Own Home


Homeowners from all walks of life are looking for ways to build their dream homes. If you’re thinking about starting a custom home building project, tune in to Woodland Trails’ informative radio program. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the process, from finding the right property to choosing the right builder. With a little help from the experts, you’ll be able to turn your vision into reality.

April is new homes month with long time homebuilder and developer Jim Riffe on the Randy Miller Show. If you missed one of Saturday’s 1pm shows, you can hear it here! 

April 23 Randy Miller Show – Hear Developers Jim and Machelle talk about the importance of choosing a new homes development that will make you money. Interior designer new home specialist talks trends and timeline for decor choices in your new home.

Segment 1 – Randy and Machelle are joined by Woodland Trails new home specialist Leigh Ann Sirna to talk about why people choose to custom build a new home vs. purchasing an existing home.

Segment 2 – Machelle and Randy talk about the enormous scale of Woodland Trails and the advantage of James A Reed Memorial Wildlife area as its neighbors. What does it mean to get in on the ground floor of a large scale planned development? They discuss the advantage of a community that appeals to families as well as empty nesters. Interior designer Jana Laswell discusses what the design process looks like.

Segment 3 – Jim Riffe discusses his original “Edgeless House” Plan and how he integrates architectural techniques to achieve a home that lives large without a lot of wasted square footage.

Segment 4 – Everyone discusses what it means to live in an “outdoor lifestyle community”. Jana discusses how decor reflects lifestyle. She shares some of her most unusual design work. Randy and Machelle discuss next Saturday’s live remote broadcast from Woodland Trails.

April 16 Randy Miller Show – Hear Developers Jim and Machelle Riffe along with Woodland Trails Custom Home Specialist Bill McCoy and Shelly Rempetstreiter talk about the new home process of preparing, shopping, designing, financing and building your new home.

Segment 1 – Jim and Machelle talk about their vision for the new home communities they build. Jim describes the difference in floor plans and the unique needs each plan addresses. Machelle talks about how innovative design addresses how people live by utilizing the integration of spaces and the placement of things in your home so they are easily accessible. Machelle talks about how design has changed since we have emerged from the recession.

Segment 2 – Machelle talks about how Jim decides where to build his next development. She talks about the emergence of true outdoor lifestyle communities and the huge role of an amenity package that supports a healthy lifestyle. New home specialist Bill and Shelly talk us through the steps of shopping, designing, financing and building your new home. They discuss the difference between a “cookie cutter” subdivision and a true “custom lifestyle” community. They talk about the current sellers market and the shortage of homes and lots. They also discuss how the Woodland Trails typography lends itself to beautiful homesites.

Segment 3 – Machelle and the new home specialist team talk about the advantages of getting in on the early phases of a large-scale planned community. They discuss consumer’s homes as the most important investment they may ever make. They describe the advantages of working with a custom builder who can design exactly what they want. Shelly talks about trends and how homebuyers may work with a builder and design team to incorporate their ideas.

Segment 4 – The team talks about how the purchase of a new speculative home or model home is the right choice for those people who are ready to purchase now and want the advantages of a brand new home immediately. Bill discusses a new attractive lending option for new home consumers. How long does the purchase, design and build process take? Listen to this segment and find out!

April 9 Randy Miller Show – Hear Developer Jim Riffe and three Woodland Trails Custom Home Builders;  Kevin Higdon, Chris Jeffries and Frank Sbisa talk about custom building your own home. 

Segment 1 – Jim talks about ranches and reverse plans, floor plan trends and what to look for in a custom home builder. Randy ask who the most famous person he has built a home for is.

Segment 2 – Woodland Trails custom builders Kevin Higdon, Chris Jeffries and Frank Sbisa layout the building process and explain the difference in custom building. Each builder talks about their unique style and approach.

Segment 3 – Listen to the builders talk about the craziest things they’ve ever built! Hear how HGTV has changed the way people shop for a custom home.

Segment 4 – Jim talks about outdoor living spaces. He lets people know that custom home building can mean designing from scratch or using a model plan that you like.

April 2 Randy Miller Show – Developer Jim Riffe talks about his path as a 3rd generation homebuilder/developer.

Randy Miller asked Jim questions about his background, career, and passion for housing. “What was your start? How did you acquire the land? How do you what people buy? What excited you about a career that has spanned three generations”? Jim says there are a lot of details in a new home so work with a builder who has integrity and reliability realizing there will be things that don’t turn out perfectly so stay focus on the overall benefits of building your home from scratch.

Watch out for those things you don’t readily see when you begin looking for a new home. If the workmanship is a little rough on what you see; you may want to explore carefully what is beyond the obvious decor and floor plan. Inspect whether your building experience is going to be a true custom home focusing on what YOU WANT. Many builders and communities claim to be custom builders but they, in fact, place you in a very restrictive experience in terms of your development amenities, lot size and layouts, decor, paint and finish choices. This is a cookie cutter approach and a long way from custom building your own home.

Jim challenges people to visit with a number of builders, vet them out for financial strength, experience and professional commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Interview a variety of builders each with their own unique styles, strengths and plans. At Woodland Trails, our builders are there to make your dream come true and that means spending time to design and build what YOU want, not what works best for their profit margin using poor quality materials with as little effort as possible. It will reward you and your family for many years to experience a custom home!

Jim talks about his Edgeless House concept and how architecture brings the outdoors in.